In this prearranged and collaborative performative investigation, I question and trade roles with my psychiatrist. In much the same way that a patient confronting the idea of mental illness must negotiate the contemporary psychiatric complex, we examine several philosophically profound ideas related to intersubjectivity, other minds, art, medicine, and counterbalance and proportion in relationship and love.

Release of this video into my academic email system in 2009 resulted in a general and somewhat unavoidable additional series of philosophical dilemmas with the administration of my college and the state of New Jersey, where, on the cusp of tenure with all requirements (and recommendations from peers within and outside experts) more than fulfilled, I was left no option but to resign ‘in good standing’.

Many kind thanks to the honorable Dr. Shervert V. Frazier (d.2015), Director Emeritus, McLean Hospital, Belmont, Massachusetts, former director of the National Institute for Mental Health, Former Director of Mental Health in the United States Prison System, and beloved father, husband, and friend.